Free Delivery/Installation

Yes! We offer FREE delivery and FREE installation on all of our products. Whether it's our basic carport, enclosed garage, barn, or large metal workshop, installation is FREE as long as your site is level and there are no obsutructions on the installation site! Read more to ensure your installation is free as well!

All of the units that we provided are manufactured in Waco, Texas. They are modular so that the installation contractors can assemble your building onsite. While there is some light fabricating work done on site, this modluar construction allows for quick and efficient installation by well-trained conractors. 

White we are efficient at constructing buildings, we don't have the equipment to level your installation site. We require that the site be ready when we arrive so as no to delay he construction process. As with any delay, those cost money. You can avoid installation fees by:

  • Ensuring that your site is level and ready when the crew arrives
  • Ensuring that there are no obstructions on the job site
  • Ensuring that our crew can unload your unit within 50' of the job site
  • Ensuring that the unit is to be installed on concrete, asphalt, grass or gravel. Installation on a wood foundation or dock will result in an additional charge for installation
  • Ensure that the crew dose not have to wait to begin constructing he unit

If you have additional questions if ou're concerned about a possible installation charge, contact us. Doing so will avoid surprises to both the installation contractor and to you.






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